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Photo of Jake the Owner and Founder

Jake Weiner

Founder & Lead Trainer

Jake Weiner has been working with individuals with disabilities for 10+ years. He has worked with a variety of disabilities and adaptive needs in various settings, including adult vocational day programs, religious schools, 1:1 respite, non-profits, and summer camps.

Jake founded ZOOZ Fitness in 2015 and has been curating specialized fitness programs for individuals with disabilities ever since.  

Jake started ZOOZ Fitness out of a need to create exercise opportunities for those individuals who would benefit from that extra push or support. In all his years of teaching, mentoring, and working with individuals with disabilities, he realized that fitness programs and gyms were not set up to accommodate this population. As a result, many individuals with special healthcare or adaptive needs tend to live very sedentary lives, unintentionally gaining weight, and not participating in any movement-related activities. ZOOZ Fitness was created to provide those adaptive, inclusive, and active programs for everyone regardless of skill level or ability.

Jake graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Marketing. Jake is a certified personal trainer and certified inclusive fitness trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD). Jake is CPR/AED certified and is a Certified Black Belt Instructor in the martial art of Judo.

Coach Tyler



Tyler was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. While serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps he discovered the importance of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle which drove him to get certified as a personal trainer. Tyler graduated with honors from California State University Northridge in 2021, obtaining his bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. With an emphasis in applied fitness, relevant coursework included strength and conditioning, nutrition, and adapted therapeutic exercise at the Brown Center of Achievement. Tyler is currently pursuing his Doctor of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Tyler specializes in several modalities including TRX® and corrective exercise. During his career as a personal trainer, he has had the opportunity to work with athletes of all ages including children and seniors with special needs. Tyler believes that everyone can improve themselves physically and gain self confidence leading to a higher quality of life. “The greatest aspect of working at ZOOZ Fitness is the staff and the motivation of our athletes!”  

Coach Will



I am William Chapman "Coach Will" a 41-year-old fitness coach and father of three sons. Aside from self-improvement and my boys, fitness is my focus. I believe that functional training is most important due to ones day to day functional needs. I enjoy watching Sifi, Cartoons of all kinds, action, history,  and documentaries. I listen to whatever moves me in the right direction of the moment. I believe in the practice of patience, love, and understanding of whom I'm working with and what we're working on is vital for completing our goals. I'm a student of life and it's my pleasure to have a front-row seat.

As a Fitness Coach, I have my Personal Trainer Certification through ISSA as well as nutrition, strength and conditioning,  senior fitness, and group fitness. I have a background in boxing training. 
I've been an assistant coach at Broadway boxing gym, Lead trainer at LA Fitness, and Fitness Coach at UFC

Coach Jared



Jared is a 24-year-old Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is certified in CPR/AED. He is currently in his last semester at CSUN pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and has taken courses on Motor Behavior and Development, Adapted Therapeutic Exercise, Exercise Physiology, and Adapted Physical Activity for Children. Jared specializes in mobility, corrective exercises, proprioception, functional strength, and hypertrophy.
In all his life, he has been very passionate about exercise since it improved his wellbeing and quality of life being a basketball and volleyball athlete enduring asthma. He believes movement is a medicine that helps build our functionality in our day-to-day life and that we all deserve a chance to be the best that we can be because with determination to overcome adversity comes mental/physical growth and resilience.

“I am very grateful and excited to have the opportunity to inspire people of all abilities to get in touch with their bodies and consistently work hard to build the best possible version of themselves”.

Coach Donnie



Donald is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. With 8 years of extensive training and 6 years of experience as a personal trainer, he has honed his skills to provide effective and personalized fitness programs.

Before entering the fitness industry, Donald spent 8 years as a young adult immersed in the world of martial arts. His dedication and discipline led him to achieve a remarkable 4th-degree black belt in Kenpo and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, complemented by a background in Kickboxing. These experiences have instilled in him a strong work ethic, mental fortitude, and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.

Donald holds a certificate in personal training from the National Association of Sports Medicine, ensuring that he is equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques in the field. Additionally, he is CPR AED certified, prioritizing safety and well-being in every aspect of his work.

At ZOOZ Fitness, Donald is thrilled to merge his expertise in fitness and his desire to support individuals with disabilities. By collaborating with the exceptional coaches and athletes at ZOOZ, he aims to create transformative fitness experiences that empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Coach Tanya



Tanya is an enthusiastic fitness coach and athlete who is dedicated to making exercise accessible and enjoyable for all. She has a BS in Psychobiology with a minor in Disability Studies from UCLA. Tanya has worked as a coach for athletes with disabilities at a variety of summer camps including Ascendigo, an extreme sports camp for autistic individuals in Carbondale, CO and Cal Blue Camp, an inclusive sports camp run by UC Berkeley. Through her studies, coaching, and personal experience, Tanya has seen the huge impact physical activity can have on one’s well-being and the joy and empowerment it offers.


Tanya has played competitive Ultimate Frisbee for 9 years. As captain of UCLA’s varsity womxn’s team, BLU, she led the team to their first appearance at the College National Championships in 4 years. She currently plays on Flipside, an elite womxn’s club team from Southern CA. Her experience with Ultimate has taught Tanya how to train, support, and motivate athletes and build genuine, long-lasting relationships. When she’s not training for ultimate, you can find Tanya roller skating, hiking, biking, making art, traveling, eating, reading, or riding her unicycle.


Tanya is beyond excited to help others develop healthy, lifelong relationships with exercise and achieve their fitness goals at Zooz!

Shahar - Director of Operations_edited_e

Shahar Weiner

Director of Operations

Shahar was born and raised in Israel and is Jakes wife. Shahar served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a singer in the army orchestra.


She has spent the past 10 years working in various companies as a travel consultant, salesperson, program director, and trip organizer. She is a master at logistics and organizing programs and teams.


Shahar is a classically trained Opera singer and has traveled the world singing in over 14 countries. She brings her talents and passion for helping others to ZOOZ Fitness as our Director of Operations. Shahar is a huge asset to the company and continues to ensure that ZOOZ Fitness can continue to help each and every athlete. 

Coach Tahlia


Program & Social Media Manager

Tahlia is a fitness, dance, and yoga instructor. She is trained in classical ballet and has taught dance and yoga classes to a wide variety of ages and abilities over the past 10 years. Tahlia is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has volunteered with many organizations working with folks with developmental disabilities and found a special connection working with individuals of all abilities.


She is excited to combine her love of movement and working with people with disabilities alongside the awesome coaches and athletes at ZOOZ Fitness. Tahlia has also taken on the role of our social media manager and loves highlighting ZOOZ athletes and their hard work.

Coach Cammy



 Cammy is a passionate individual focused on helping others reach their goals to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is a former competitive swimmer and water polo player with a love of sports. Having coached a baseball team for individuals with special needs, she found herself with a new passion: creating an accepting environment for ALL.

        Cammy is a fitness coach and yoga instructor who aims to encourage the athletes she works with to strengthen both their body and their mind. She believes practice makes progress and is excited to work with athletes of all abilities and see how each individual progresses on their fitness journey. She is CPR/AED certified and has a background in 1:1 respite with special needs children and adults. 

      Poet Mary Oliver poses the question: “ What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” For Cammy, the answer is simple, she found herself passionate about creating a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. 

Coach Tristan



Tristan is a skilled ACSM Personal Trainer and strength coach with three years of valuable coaching experience. At the age of 24, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, specializing in Exercise Science, which he obtained from CSUN. During his time at CSUN, Tristan pursued his interest in biomechanics and actively enrolled in multiple courses to expand his knowledge of resistance training and motor learning.

During his time as a student at CSUN, Tristan had an amazing experience working with a post-stroke client at the Center for Achievement. This transformative encounter fueled his passion for the field of Adapted Physical Activity, leading him to seize the opportunity to intern at the same institution. This invaluable experience further deepened his understanding of catering to individuals with diverse conditions and varying ability levels.

Throughout his personal journey, Tristan has always held a deep appreciation for the transformative power of physical activity, acknowledging its significant impact on overall well-being. 
His own active participation in various sports, such as boxing, track and field, and powerlifting, not only ignited his passion but also provided him with invaluable insights into pushing boundaries and achieving personal growth.


With a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Tristan wholeheartedly dedicates himself to helping individuals realize their goals through tailored exercise programs.

Coach Camilla



Camilla was born and raised in London, England. Growing up her activities always involved exercise starting with dance at 2 years old in the disciplines of ballet, jazz, and tap. She was a student-athlete playing all UK sports such as Netball (US basketball) and Rounders (US baseball). It was her discovery of running in college that really cemented her lifelong commitment to daily exercise and movement.  


Camilla journeyed to UCLA as a foreign exchange student in her junior year of college. It was at UCLA she met her husband of now 22 years. After completing her BA in Drama from the University of Kent, Canterbury, she moved to Los Angeles where they are raising their 3 children.


Camilla’s working life started in the entertainment industry working as an actor for the stage, film, voiceovers, and working in corporate production. While raising her children, Camilla became involved with many children-focused organizations and community-based charities which sparked her interest in working with children and any group in need of exposure to the positive values everyday exercise can bring to one’s life. 


As an avid runner, completing her first marathon in 2022, Camilla’s passion and commitment to running and exercise led her to want to share this passion with others. This passion led her to Zooz where she met the amazing ZOOZ team in 2021. 


Being a part of the ZOOZ family for the last two years has been such an incredible experience. Working alongside the fearless and brilliant ZOOZ trainers and staff has inspired me to do better, be better, give back to the ZOOZ community for all they give to me, and work harder each and every day for the amazing athletes who walk through the door at Zooz!

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