Jake met Benny the summer of 2015 at Etta Camp and I was told that Benny responded to his style of teaching immediately.  So I asked Jake to train Benny privately and he was enthusiastic and available to start a home program.


Benny's enjoys the sessions immensely.  He is engaged and having fun which is so important.  I have observed Jakes extensive knowledge about sensory and processing differences and challenges and he has devised exercises and activities that directly target Benny's deficit areas.  Jake is also a great collaborator, open to listen to ideas and suggestions from a parent, and yet confident when he feels the choices he is making are right for his client.

I am hopeful Benny will continue to gain more strength in his body, more functionality, and the ability to socially engage more as he acquires more confidence in how his body works and all the movements he can  do and enjoy."

— Rebecca, Mother of ZOOZ Athlete

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