Over 10 million young adults with disabilities are overweight. Faced with limited resources, lack of safe workout environments, and sedentary habits, these young adults are not getting the physical activity needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Strength, Core, and Flexibility Training

Plyometric Drills

Multi-Sensory Integration 

 All workouts are functional and improve athletes ability to perform activities of daily living.


ZOOZ Fitness workout routines are designed to build confidence, strength, and flexibility in addition to promoting social interaction, spacial awareness, and improving quality of life. 


The conventional fitness programs, services, and facilities in the community do not provide an opportunity for young adults with special needs  a chance to explore fitness and wellness. Young adults need to exercise their bodies and minds regardless of their disability or challenge. ZOOZ Fitness changes the conventional model of exercise into an adaptive, inclusive, active, safe and fun fitness experience for young adults with special needs.
ZOOZ Fitness develops, implements and provides fitness and wellness programs and services, tailoring each and every workout to the individual. This one on one and group fitness experiences create these opportunities for young adults with special needs to push their body and mind to their limits and reach goals they never thought were possible. There are so many conventional workout routines advertised in our communities. These conventional workout routines create "one" model for what fitness should look like. These models do not always work for everyone. ZOOZ Fitness hopes to change this model of exercise and make fitness accessible to EVERYONE!


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