Initial Assessment

We understand that finding the motivation to exercise can somtimes be difficult. We at ZOOZ Fitness want to ensure that you feel comfortable with both the workout routines and the trainers, so call us and set up a FREE assessment. The trainers will meet with you and show you a small sample of some of the exercises you could be doing. Come check out what ZOOZ Fitness is all about. Call us today 818.646.6914 or email

Individual Sessions

One on One sessions are designed specifically for each client, based on his/her individual need and overal fitness goals. These sessions are developed and tailored to meet each client where they are, capitializing on their strengths and also targeting areas where they want to grow. Sessions are 45, 60, or 75 minutes in length. We try to maximize our program by implementing a warm-up, focused conditioning phase, cool down, and stretching. Each client is paired with a personal trainer based on match and need. This relationship is the foundation upon which the entire healthy lifestyle is built. As the framework for ultimate health and well being, the client-trainer relationship will help to build self esteem and self confidence, while also fostering friendship, trust, and lifelong healthy choices. Training sessions can be done at client's home or nearby park/outdoor space.

Private Training Pricing:


6 Session Package @ 45 min per session: $300

6 Session Package @ 60 min per session: $420


12 Session Package @ 45 min per session: $570

12 Session Package @ 60 min per session: $810



Group Training Pricing:


4 Session Class Pass - $75


8 Session Class Pass - $140

Group Sessions

We recommend that clients try a few individual sessions before beginning a group session.  Group sessions include a circuit training type workout designed to keep energy high and keep clients actively moving through a variety of workouts.  These workouts utilize medicine balls, body weight training, speed, agility, and plyometric training.  Clients work with one another to achieve a shared and/or individual goal. Trainers work with the group to motivate one another and to ensure each person is getting the best workout they can get.  Group sessions vary depending on availability. 



Check out the "Classes" link above for details about group sessions.


Contact Jake Weiner if you are interested in more information. 


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